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20" x 16"

Message from the Universe

Message from the Universe

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"I hope that
when you look at this
you can see the message
that is lovingly meant for you
From the Universe."

poem by Laura Mitsu

Everyone on socials when I showed this finished work immediately went to my DM's and said "galaxy!" and "space!"  I loved the reaction from people.

I don't usually paint "subjects" in my abstract work, but this does give a celestial vibe. ✨

I wanted the title to reflect something deeper and more vast...
A title that would reflect a different meaning for everyone who looked at it.

"Message from the Universe" is about the moment you realize what the Universe is trying to tell you and that moment that immediately follows after-- of awe, of celestial/electric energy, of wonder, of connection, of inspiration.

I hope you can see your own unique message in this work. 💜


16" x 20"
Mixed Media on Canvas

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