About The Artist


Hello, I'm Laura Mitsu.

I'm a self-taught abstract artist based out of the San Francisco Bay Area, CA.

I find freedom from the literal world in abstract art.

I create visually impactful artwork-- the layers of textures, colors, & markings leave a lot to discover.
I aim to create work that people feel connected to and drawn to.
I enjoy making art that gets even more interesting the more you look at it.

I hope my artwork leaves an impression on you, inspires you, and excites you. 

The Basics:

My pronouns are she/her.
I'm in my early 30's.
I'm based in California, (born and raised) but I deeply miss living in NYC.
I have the most amazing and supportive partner with who I've been with for 9 years.
I was a professional line cook for a long time (almost a decade!) but decided to quit and start my own art business.
I'm Japanese and I was named after my grandmother "Mitsuho."

The Longer Version:

I have been artistically inclined for as long as I can remember. In my youth, I spent a lot of time drawing which continued into my teen years. In high school, I started to take art classes which I loved and excelled at. I channeled a lot of my teenage angst into paintings, drawings, and writing poetry. As high school went on, I didn't feel my art was "realistic enough" or "good enough" for me to go to art school... so I didn't think a career in the visual arts was an option for me. 


Instead, I went into the culinary arts and worked as a line cook and sous chef in both California and NYC. 

I didn't pick up a paintbrush for over 10 years until recently.

When the pandemic hit, I found my way back to my soul's calling and started painting again.

No, I don't have any formal art training.

I know I have something special to offer.
I know that this is what I'm meant to be doing.