About The Artist


Hello, I'm Laura Mitsu.

I find freedom from the literal world in abstract art.

My work is rooted in the exploration and expression of emotion, connection, and transformation. I aim to create work that is a mirror for you to see yourself in. It may reveal feelings, memories, and insights about yourself and how you view the world. Poetry written by me often accompanies my artwork, adding to the quiet conversation between the viewer and the painting.


Laura Mitsu is a San Francisco Bay Area-based artist whose abstract paintings explore emotion, connection, and transformation. As a newcomer to the world of visual art, she creates much of her work through curiosity and inspired experimentation, releasing collections of work through her personal and artistic journey of self discovery. Vibrant colors, texture, gold leaf, and organic shapes contribute to her expressive abstract compositions. 

A self-taught artist, Mitsu originally started in the culinary arts, working as a line cook and sous chef for almost a decade from CA to NYC. The act of creating art with her hands carried over into pursuing visual art full-time in 2022.

Mitsu's work can be found in private collections across the US and Canada. Currently, she is represented by 2358 MRKT Gallery in San Francisco, CA. Her abstract paintings were featured in multiple editions of House & Garden UK Magazine in the fall of 2022. Her work has been displayed in juried shows across the Bay Area and online.