Client Testimonials

“When I saw this painting, I was flooded with this feeling as if I had just found my soulmate — a love at first sight. Weakness in my arms, shoulders, and heart for Winter #3. This touched my soul and I knew I had to have it! I appreciate you for sharing your amazing talent with the world.”



“I am absolutely blown away with how beautiful my painting is. I fell in love with the painting online but when I got it in person, I fell in love with it even more. The texture, colours and emotion captured in this beautiful artwork by Laura is absolutely stunning. I hung it in my office, so that every day my life can be filled with beauty, inspiration, and joy. I’m so happy to say I now have three different pieces of Laura’s artwork in three different rooms in my home, and I just keep wanting to add more.”
— Amy 


“If I could, I would collect them all! Every piece is uniquely made and beautifully painted. The little poem you (Laura) write to tie in the emotional experience of the painting together is truly so beautiful”

— Liz

“Laura is awesome to work with and very talented. I’m looking forward to many more art from her filling my home!”
— Melissa

"We absolutely love our painting from Laura. We hung it in a place where we can see it when we are relaxing in our living room. We love looking at it together throughout the day and it has really brightened up our space. Such a wonderful, unique, and beautiful addition to our home. As soon as Evelyn saw that painting she knew she had to have it!"
 Pat & Evelyn

“Laura's free, warm, and exceptionally kind spirit shows in every one of her pieces. Her abstract pieces are beautiful and evoke a moving emotional response. I need her paintings in every room of my house!

“Laura’s little masterpieces add elegance to my new office. This painting found me at the perfect time when I was calling in something small with gold and green colors. I couldn’t be happier!”

“I highly recommend Laura for custom art pieces! I got a couple of paintings from her to put by my desk/art area, and they are perfect! I appreciated what a great communicator she is. She took the time to ask questions and make sure her paintings matched what I wanted. It was a worry-free process for me. She even kept me updated as they were in transit, and made sure they arrived safe and sound. I plan to purchase more from her in the future!”

“These (paintings) are a gift to me and I’m so happy to beautify my space. Thank you for making my space so lovely to come home to.”