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14" x 22"

Here & Now

Here & Now

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“Here & Now” (diptych)
Acrylic on 2 canvases
14 x 22 x 1.5 in

I started meditating about 2 years ago and since then there is rarely a day that I don't start and end with turning my attention inward. It helps my anxious mind feel more at ease, more calm, more in tune with my body and my emotions. Much of my meditation practice is being present in my body in this moment... here and now.

This intuitive piece is a reminder that all we have is the present - here and now. The electric green I used in this is a unique choice I typically don't use much in my work. With the black background surrounding the form full of gestural marks and brushstrokes, it almost reminds me of a busy mind during meditating. The green color is vibrant and wakes up the senses to the limitless possibilities of life. 

This original abstract painting is actually two canvases that fit together to create one image - this is called a "diptych" in art speak. They will only be sold as a pair, since they were painted as a pair.


Here's the accompanying poem:

"There's nothing like
here & now

there's actually nothing


This painting was featured in Laura Mitsu's debut solo exhibition "Poetic Abstraction" in April-May 2024 in San Francisco, CA.

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