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30” x 40”

Catch The Lightning

Catch The Lightning

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"Catch The Lightning"
Acrylic & spray paint on canvas
30 x 40 x 1.5 in

This lively original abstract painting involved some synchronicities and happy accidents. I was stuck on it for a while and set it aside, hoping to come back to it with fresh eyes eventually. On my way into the studio one day, I found a little can of gold spray paint. I'd never used spray paint in my work before... but I felt compelled to bring it into the studio. I looked again at this stuck painting and reached for the can of spray paint. Little did I know that would be exactly what it needed to bring it to life!

This painting will bring any wall to life with its warm gold shining, bold brushstrokes, and vibe that will set your heart ablaze like lightning in the sky!


Here's the accompanying poem:

"A brilliant flash
illuminates the darkness

raw beauty and power
lasting only a moment

but in those passing seconds
it struck your soul
and set your heart


This painting was featured in Laura Mitsu's debut solo exhibition "Poetic Abstraction" in April-May 2024 in San Francisco, CA.

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