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24" x 36"

Softness can also be strength

Softness can also be strength

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With this painting, I decided to work outside of my usual compositions and instead went for an unbalanced diagonal composition. I also wanted to stick to a softer, almost-pastel color palette. The softness of the palette contrasts with the strength of the heavy texture used on this canvas. The result is a dreamy piece that reminds me that softness and strength can be one in the same.

I'm an emotional person, which for me, means that I feel deeply and cry, often. People around me have always seen this has a hindrance, always telling me "Don't be so sensitive." As I've gotten older, I realize that this softness/sensitivity is also my strength. I am not weak because I am emotional-- I've become strong because of it.

Title: "Softness can also be strength"
Mixed Media

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